Can DoIT programme

‘Zine’ style programme

For the final show, for the DoIT course, I was commissioned to create the  programme. Getting 20 artists, plus a blurb about them and their work, as well as information about the venue, and opening times, onto an A6 flyer was a crazy brief. I have to admit that at first I wondered if the commissioner was a little mad. After a bit of thought time, I managed to come up with an idea that fulfilled all their needs as well as being something that the artists and attendees would keep, and enjoy afterwards as well.

I proposed creating the flyer in the style of a folded ‘zine’. It could be read like a book (due to the clever folding), giving the reader information about the show, and then if you opened it out you got an A3 poster to stick to your wall. This went down a storm with everyone and I’m very happy to say, the flyer, opened out into poster form, is still proudly displayed on the wall of the commissioners office.