Theatre in Prison (TiPP)

TiPP Website


Brand new website for TiPP

Theatre in Prison and Probation (TiPP) are an arts organisation I have worked with, as a freelance artist, for a number of years. When they said that they were thinking of having their website rebuilt, and they didn’t have any deadlines, I jumped at the chance to build a WordPress theme from the ground up. Their website was previously very bulky, having a lot of pages that covered the same topics. The navigation was also incredibly hard to spot. The site is now fairly simple but this makes it incredibly easy to find out about TiPP’s work and the history of the organisation.

Research and Planning

Working very closely with TiPP’s core team I completely redesigned and rebuilt the website, making the navigation very simple and cutting out a lot of the pages that over the years had become redundant. The site is aimed at funders rather than their service users but I believe it now works for both.

This website was built to showcase the work that TiPP does in the community as well as a being the first point of contact with potential clients and funders. Being simple to navigate, easy to update and having a more modern look and feel, were the main asks of the brief.  The TiPP team were very happy with the final product and we are now looking at building an ‘all singing, all dancing’ version of the site.